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Why Vaccum Services?

Environmental waste control problems can become very serious very quickly. It takes expertise to solve these problems effectively and prevent them from happening in the future. ABC Septic Service, family owned, is an a solid waste disposal facility located in Lethbridge, Southern Alberta. Our trained service experts can handle all your septic cleaning needs:


Vacuum Truck Services
At ABC Septic Service, our vacuum services are in high-demand. We only use the best equipment for your home: environmental safe and operational in the shortest time possible. We provide vacuum services for a variety of applications.

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Hydrovac Services
Hydrovac excavation is a non-destructive method of excavation that uses pressurized water to agitate the earth and a powerful vacuum to remove debris and safely expose underground utilities and pipelines.

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Sewers and Catch Basins
A sewer backup is anything but pleasant. The foul odors and terrible mess have to be addressed immediately, putting your home on hold and potentially causing complaints. ABC Septic Service has the equipment and trained personnel to tackle these problems as soon as they happen.

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Pressure Washing, Hydrojetting, Hydroblasting
Periodic cleaning with our hydrojetting and hydroblasting services by our ABC Septic Service technicians will prevent blockage from occurring and keep your facility operating at its best.

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About ABC Septic Service
ABC Septic Service has the experience you can count on when it comes to commercial and residential waste removal services. We will help you adhere to environmental regulations and protect your company from future problems.
We have a variety of environmental remediation services to fit your needs. Whether you need vacuum pumping services, sewer cleaning, video camera inspections, or emergency remediation, we've got you covered.
Why Us?
ABC Septic Service tackle your most difficult challenges with innovation and expertise, even if others have turned you down. Our professional service technicians and equipment are available when you call any time of day.


We are proud of our work.

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Need Vaccum Services? Call (403) 634-2997

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